Lifewords Kenya runs two projects: Choose Life, Pavement Project, and using the Bible Resources reach out to Prison Inmates, High School students and Youths in churches through The RISE strategy.

Choose Life
This is a carefully written curriculum aimed at enabling the 11-14 year olds make decisions for themselves and by extension their family, community and peers. It is based on the Biblical values of Love, Peace, Justice, Freedom and concerns for others. The innovative classes equip them with skills in identifying choices and their consequences. The curriculum is designed with interactive lessons which include the use of drama, role play group discussions, songs, skits and much more. There are five (5) modules of individual lesson plans suitable for classes’ six (6) to eight (8) comprising thirty-five (35) lessons in total. The curriculum offers the teacher and the student an opportunity to interact with pertinent issues such as connect avoidance and resolution, community relationships, HIV and AIDS prevention, honesty and integrity.

Pavement Project
Pavement Project is a unique Bible Based Program that uses 
the “Picture Me” counseling process with children
and young people at-risk. During the process, children and young 
people share their deep-seated fears and hurts. Through 
prayer and the Bible stories, they can receive healing and 

Workers say that this allows them to understand the 
child/young person in a much deeper way than before, and to 
draw alongside them more effectively. Pavement Project 
demonstrates the power of the Bible’s life words that speak of 
encounter with Jesus.

Rise Bible Club

It is a discussion forum that comprises of small groups of about 10-12 members.

  1. These members receive emotional support and build close friendships.
  2. They share their lives and faith with each other.
  3. They pray for and support each other.
  4. They study and discover the Bible together.
  5. Through these groups, Lives are transformed and the members get to encounter God, some for the first time.
  6. Bible clubs facilitate peer-to-peer, one-on-one ministry.

Prison Ministry

It is an outreach ministry to inmates both in juvenile and adult remand homes and prisons. Prison Ministry involves sharing God’s love using Lifewords bible resources to impact, restore hope and the self-worth of inmates in their challenging circumstances.